The Hope Center



There are many challenges that our growing community faces, from public education to homelessness. The Waters Community Development Corporation works at the ground level to address these issues by providing various services that will help to bring both immediate and long term improvement. Our organization offers programs and hosts events that are meant to unify us and work for the greater good.


The Hope Center is a Community Resource Center connecting families to agencies and resources to help address their basic need for food, shelter and clothing through:

Food Bank

The reduction in benefits, growing unemployment and underemployment present a challenge to many struggling families living in the Oxon Hill area. The Waters Hope Center will address this challenge by providing a fully stocked food bank to assist families in need. It will also provide fresh produce and nutrition education.

Referral Service

The Resource Center will seek to connect families and individuals to agencies and Institutions equipped to address specific needs. It will also seek to operate as a community liaison for these entities providing pipeline services and ensuring proper accountability.


Supporting families, enriching the community!